Saeed Balalaie, Ph.D.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, KPDorsa

Kimia Pajouh Dorsa Company, which has been working based on experience and knowledge, started its activity in the field of pharmacy in 2013 and has been continuing its activities with the aim of providing scientific and technical consulting services as well as providing raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry. Having prominent pharmaceutical specialists, this company has established close cooperation with most of the country's pharmaceutical companies and is providing various scientific and research services to them.

Kimia Pajouh Dorsa Company, by expanding and increasing its activity in the field of technology transfer, as well as establishing communication and creating fields of joint cooperation between domestic manufacturing companies and reputable foreign companies, has been able to establish a suitable position for itself among the companies active in the pharmaceutical industry.

Also, this company, with a variety of devices, equipment and appropriate laboratory facilities, having strict safety standards and quality control, has a resume of activities that include providing laboratory services to consulting and executive projects.

Due to the presence of specialized and capable personnel as well as suitable hardware facilities in the company, this complex is able to synthesize complex peptides from small to large sequences and from milligrams to different levels of units of measurement (grams) and there is also the  possibility of creating both simple and complex changes in peptide sequence and precise quality control based on HPLC and Mass Spectrometry.

Meanwhile, the possibility of performing laboratory services such as instrumental analysis services and synthesis of pharmaceutical and peptide compounds in various and valid methods are other services that can be provided in the company.

In addition to what we mentioned above and due to the need of the pharmaceutical industry to optimize and update production methods and solve quantitative and qualitative problems, Kimia Pajouh Dorsa Company has the ability to cooperate in this regard and provide technical consulting services and technical knowledge for the production of raw materials and final products of the country's pharmaceutical industry, especially peptide drugs, which will be provided in more detail if you wish to do any of the requested items.

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